Digital Isolator


Purist Audio design is proud to release a solution for impedance control between equipment with electrical isolation of the digital signal.
The adapter is designed to:
  • Help isolate the digital signal from the transport to the D/A
  • Reduce jitter by impedance control
  • Reduce EMI/RF noise
The adapter can either be plugged into the SPDIF (RCA) output of a CD Transport, or the SPDIF (RCA) Input of a D/A. Connect the SPDIF (RCA) Digital cable into the adapter and equipment.
Through our testing and usage, we have found the using the adapter on the D/A's SPDIF (RCA) input yields the most correction.
Purist Audio Design adapters use only the highest-quality metals: copper, silver, gold, even special alloys. They are fabricated in a single rigid construction, maintaining the integrity of the connection and avoiding sound degradation.
MSRP :  $350

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