Musica Pristina Compatible I2S Devices (5v LVDS over HDMI Cable)

Updated June, 2016

The companies below create DACs, players or computer outputs that use the same spec as Musica Pristina for carrying I2S over an HDMI cable. If you have a question about a connecting a Musica Pristina player to a specific model DAC, or connecting a specific model player into a Musica Pristina DAC, please send us a request and we will attempt to confirm compatibility for you. Also, if you make a device that you believe should be on this list, please contact us as well.

Here’s the current list, in alphabetical order:

  • Audio-gd
  • Audiobyte
  • Aune
  • Channel Islands Audio
  • DiDiT High-End
  • Empirical Audio
  • M2Tech
  • Pink Faun
  • PS Audio
  • Sonore
  • Sthal~Tek
  • Wadia
  • Wyred4Sound