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AxponaWe have strong opinions about digital audio and we weren’t going to keep them to ourselves. That’s how Musica Pristina was born.

Hopefully, you do, too.

We use the most appropriate component for the task. When we use boutique parts, it’s to impress you with the music, not the brands. We isolate each component, often at great expense — but only if it actually sounds better when isolated.

We believe that breathtaking audio comes to fruition through the judicious application of isolation and grounding techniques. We believe that power is of the utmost importance — building more power supplies into our components than most designers would dream of.

We always choose Purposeful over Universal. We believe that digital audio is best communicated over I2S. We believe that nothing should move during playback, and you don’t need to filter noise that you didn’t create in the first place.

If you share our beliefs, or want to hear how they sound, we’d like to invite you along on our journey.

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