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California Audio Show – 2019

We’ll be rolling out the A Cappella III at the California Audio Show this year. We’ll have our latest player connected to our Virtuoso DAC using I2S. Stop by and see us, we’ll be in room #5108 on the first floor. We’re joining up with another excellent North Carolina based manufacturer, Selah Audio who will


Compromising is good, right? Not exactly. The other night, my wife wanted me to wear my black shoes out to dinner. I was adamant about wearing my brown ones. We compromised, and I wore one of each. Audio gear is no different. Each compromise weakens the overall result. Each penny pinched, each grain of noise

6 Critical Aspects of Digital Audio

So you’re looking into digital audio. Or you’re looking to improve your current digital audio setup. Either way, you’re going to need a couple of devices (or a multi-function device that plays more than on role). Digital Audio Roles There are 6 roles that must be covered to playback digital audio. They are: ACQUIRE >

T.H.E. Show Newport – 2016

See us at T.H.E Show Newport. You can catch us in Room 208 along with several other excellent companies such as: Linear Tube Audio Vapor Audio Resolution Acoustics Grover Huffman Cables If you’re going to be there, please drop in and say hello. It’s always great to connect with people, talk to customers and experience

The Escher Staircase of Audio Upgrades

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There are a ton of fun things I get to do at Musica Pristina. Hardware design. Software development. Meeting with vendors. And chatting with tons of people from across the globe about all things audio-philia, and more. There’s one part of the job that I can only describe as a love-hate relationship. The A-B-X Test.

The problem with sound cards.

I stumbled on an article the other day that piqued my curiosity, but I forget what it was about. There were a few comments at the end, and before I knew it, I was reading a debate about the best sounding PC motherboard for gaming. My pick would be the Gigabyte GA-Z170X Gaming G1 board. [Actually,