Let this soak in.

Let this soak in.
Posted on 6/19/2019 6:45:00 PM by alwayslistening

Great word, savor.

taste (good food or drink) and enjoy it completely. “gourmets will want to savor our game specialties”

I was watching an old episode of Boston Legal the other night, and Denny Crane told Alan Shore to savor the moment. It got me thinking.

There's two ingredients required to actually do some savoring. Time and Content.

As for time, you can't savor in a rush. You can't be busily contemplating the next thing on your to do list and savor the moment. Savoring is best done in a near-meditative state, even if just for a moment or two.

Now that your mind is calm, your body relaxed, let me turn your attention to the other key ingredient: Content.

A perfect tasting bite of a meal can be savored. An overly salty one cannot.

In other words, not every experience lends itself to being savored. Experiences that are rough, grainy, shocking, disruptive, edgy or frustrating in any way are not to be savored. Try as you may, you just can't do it.

I have a pair of QUAD-ESL 2912s. Love them. They're wonderfully revealing and have helped guide the decisions we make at Musica Pristina all the time.

But, not too long ago, I got a tiny tear in one of the Mylar sheets that covers the third panel from the top. Every so often, a minuscule little “hsst” could be heard. Barely noticeable, yet just enough to break the savoring. Not just break it, destroy it.

Being handy with the solder, I ordered the replacement panel, disassembled the speaker, swapped out the panels and… you guessed it:

I was savoring again.

Photo by Chitokan from Pexels