Stop Pursuing Better Sound

Posted on 4/16/2021 2:11:00 PM by alwayslistening

There's a problem common to many audiophiles — they search for "better sound."

Sometimes they seek it by tweaking different settings.

Sometimes they search for it by buying different gear.

But it doesn't matter how or why they do it, the fact remains: it’s not their job.

Better sound is the job of performing artists. They need to work out how to tell new, interesting, compelling auditory stories to us.

Better sound is the job of recording engineers who must compensate for room acoustics and select the right mic, and plan out multi-tracking to lay down many-dimensional sonic experiences that transport us to the performance.

But better sound is not, should not, maybe even MUST NOT be the goal of you, fellow audiophile.



NOUN (informal) a hi-fi enthusiast.

At first glance, audiophiles are merely "into hi-fi." It appears to leave room to be a gear fanatic or a music fanatic.

But dig a little deeper and you'll see where the answer lies. In the Latin.



Adjective faithful, loyal, true, trustworthy, dependable

High Fidelity (hi-fi) means a highly faithful reproduction.

As audiophiles, real ones, our goal is to recreate as accurately, honestly, faithfully as we possibly can, that, and only that, which exists in the original recording.