Is there an upgrade path available to get the latest version of a device from Musica Pristina?

Yes. Please contact us for availability and pricing.

How do you help ensure my purchase will be “future-proof?”

Modular design. Our background is software. And in that world, incremental upgrades are a given. So we take the same approach with our devices.

Can you say more about Modular Design?

Sure. The holes on the bottom panel spell out MP. But they are also on a grid. That grid allows us to develop interesting new board layouts without the need to fabricate a new bottom panel.

Our A Cappella III power supply can output up to 3A, on 2 rails, each with a voltage that is easily set.

Our outputs derive their signals from an I2S feed, and contain their own isolation and regulation. They simply plug into the Clock Distribution Carrier and mount to the back panel. Replacing them requires only a hex key.

Can you tell me more about Roon?

Yes, we’d love to. But the Roon website is a better place to get all the details.